Selasa, 16 Februari 2016

Today for Lent… {Free Printable}

I’ve mentioned a few times over the last few years that I struggle with what to “give up” for Lent.  So, instead of temporarily foregoing something that really only benefits me (ie. Coke or french fries), I will spend time each and every day during lent actually living Lent.  Except this year we are all doing it together through prayer, almsgiving and fasting in 40 different ways over 40 days!  During supper last night (yes, we are a few days behind) we came up with our list.  Some will be easy and others will be hard but all will (hopefully) have a deeper impact that just giving something up.

February 2013 160 copy

Each day we will choose a card for the entire family to work on.  You can download our cards here – the last page is blank so that you can come up with some or all of your own!  I’ve cleared off the chalkboard in our mudroom to feature the card of the day and then every card as we finish each day.

February 2013 162 copy

February 2013 164 copy

February 2013 165 copy

Now, we’ve got some catching up to do!

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