Kamis, 25 Februari 2016

More Disney in the Etsy Store

I am super excited to now be offering a few more Disney items in my etsy store!  In addition to the Disney World Signature Picture books, I now have the following…
Disney Dream Cruise Signature Picture Books
These are very similar to my Disney World books (see more here - 2011 and 2012) but with custom pages for the Disney Dream Cruise.  The books have a personalized and laminated cover with your child’s first name and the year, as well as an intro page with your surname.  The book is sized at 5”x7” and holds five pictures in each of its sections: Sail Away Celebration, Nassau, Castaway Cay, Pirate Night, Around the Ship and Magical Memories.  The back of the book has pages for fifteen character autographs and photographs!

February 2013 197 copy February 2013 198 copy 
February 2013 199 copy January 2013 042 copy

February 2013 200 copy

Disney Bag Tags
These make great luggage tags and stroller tags for in the park.  After trying mine out a couple of years, I’m no longer producing with ribbon, but with strong plastic loops and heavier weight lamination.  Add your contact info to the backs in the Disney font!

September 2011 214 copy

A Magical Message from Mickey Mouse Note Cards
Each morning of our Disney vacation we leave a little treat and a note from Mickey for the littles.  It is truly a highlight of the trip for them to see what Mickey has to say each morning!

November 2012 668 copy

Disneyland Memory Signature Books
I haven't photographed these yet, but they are similar to the Disney World books with sections for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure!

Writing this post makes me wish we were there now… have a magical Monday!

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