Rabu, 24 Februari 2016

Extravagaza Antique/Flea Market

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
Last weekend Steve and I went to Mt. Dora for the Extravaganza.  The HUGE antique market is
 held three times per year.  Over 1400 dealers set up in the fields and open air pavilions. In
 addition, there are over 200 permanent dealers housed in several buildings.  Those dealers are
open every weekend.   We spent seven hours at the market, only stopping for a quick lunch.
 Steve and I walked, and walked, and walked and we probably only saw about half of the dealers. 

You may remember back in November I bought a giant clam shell at the Extravaganza.
No shells came home with me this time (though I did look) but I did get a couple of great
things there.  I have a birthday coming up in a few days and Steve told me to pick out
something I want.

Does my honey know me, or what?

I'll be back to show you what we bought soon.  In the meantime enjoy pictures of the




Here's Steve carrying one of our purchases. 

Note to self:  Next time remember you are in Florida and pack sunscreen. Sunburns
are not fun!

Thanks for visiting!


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