Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Best of 2012

As we sit on the brink of a brand new year, I thought it appropriate to take a walk down memory lane.  Here’s a roundup of reader favorites from 2012…

July 2012 284 copy

November 2012 258 copy

February 2012 183 copy

March 2012 327 copy

February 2012 698

May 2012 018

December 2011 640

November 2012 394 copy

October 2012 417 copy

July 2012 936 copy

January 2012 046 copy
And a few from 2011 are still in my all time top viewed posts… 

September 2011 162c

September 2011 208

August 2011 036

November 2011 928

Last but not least, I’d like to take a minute to thank my top referrers – all of which are fabulous blogs written by amazing and inspirational ladies. 

When I started on this blogging adventure I didn't have an inkling as to all the wonderful people I'd have the great fortune to "meet".  Many thanks to each and every one of you that take time out of your day to spend a few minutes in mine.  With that, I think I’m going to sign off from the virtual world for a few days to soak up time with Honey and the boys.  

I’ll see y’all in 2013!!

Happy New Year !


From our home to your home : Happy New Year !!!

Best Wishes 2013



Happy New Year !

  From our home to your home : Happy New Year !!! xx Greet

Modern beautiful home gardens designs ideas.

Modern beautiful home gardens designs ideas.

Modern beautiful home gardens designs ideas.

Modern beautiful home gardens designs ideas.


Whew! I can't believe we are about to ring in a new year! Before we start off 2013 I thought I would do a little round-up of a few of my favorite posts from each month. Also, for those that may have wondered about our December donation, because of the amount of e-mails we received for nominations for our November donation we decided to split up both November and Decembers money and give it to several different families that were nominated. Starting next month we will go back to featuring another family or organization.

Let's get started with some of our favorite blog projects/posts from 2012:

 In January we added a few new things in our kitchen. One one side of the island we added these buckets and basket:

and we painted the other side of our island to create a little chalkboard "wall". 

and finally painted and put up curtains in our master bedroom (and painted some Euro Shams as well)


and Lillie got her first bike:


and made over a little french cabinet:

and stripped and painted  our coffee table:

In April we updated our staircase by painting the railing and making these inexpensive chevron frames (tutorial here).

and this sign for my parent's anniversary:

and our little Lorelei Wren turned one:


and during that trip to NH we also made this sign for Jamie and Josh's kitchen:

and made over this 1990's hutch:

and we also shared with you all Matt and Meredith's huge kitchen makeover:

In June we shared this recipe:

and one of my favorites projects was this lemonade stand:

which also works as a puppet theater and an ice cream stand:
  You can find the tutorial on how to make one of these basic stands here.


and I started playing around with my new camera and took some of the last photos at the tree swing at my parents old house:

In August I played around some more with my new camera while Lillie and her cousins played baseball:

and shared pictures of Jamie and Josh's new den:

In September we updated our dining room by making a farmhouse table (click here for that post), a bench (click her for the tutorial) and I updated our old runner and made it a bit longer and we finally started selling them in our shop! (And we just restocked them again last night if you are waiting on one!)



In November we started selling our growth charts in natural pine (we have a discounted batch listed right now!):

and this fun and easy little jewelry holder:

 In December Lillian Annabel turned four!

as well as our Christmas Tour:

For a full list of all of our tutorials just click here, and for more information about items seen in our home click here. For 2011's Favorite Posts click here.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve! I am looking forward to lots of new and exciting things for  Dear Lillie in 2013!