Minggu, 28 Februari 2016

More White, Wood, and Metal

Hey my friends from far and near!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a wonderful week so far. 

I am catching up today on lots of stuff and one of those things is showing you a few more photos of some of my favorite elements in my home.  Remember I showed you over here that I love white, wood, metal and fabrics all mixed together. 

Here are a few more small spots around my home…

white plates 4

This old drying rack is perfect for housing some beautiful old white plates. 

ladder 2

Vintage and new ruffled linens are perfect on this old ladder that greets our guests as they come into our home.

jar box 2

A simple wooden crate holds our mason jars that we drink out of.  Love finding the jars with the handles. 

white cups

This bottle drying rack that I purchased at LaurieAnna's  beautiful shop is one of my favorite things.  Love it filled with petite white vintage cups.   

Did you notice my new apron hanging from the corner of the door?  Love it and all of its beautiful colors.  Yes, I do like wearing an apron when I am cooking.  I picked it up at TJ Maxx yesterday. 

Off now to do some cleaning and photographing of some things I found at the Nashville flea that will be going into my etsy shop real soon.  Man, I found some cool things.  Can’t wait for you to see.

Blessings, friends.  Have a super day!

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