Jumat, 26 Februari 2016

Funny Faces

The PCP “performed” in his first school concert since pre-K a couple of weeks back.  The entire first grade came together to sing all sorts of songs about recycling.  Of all things.  It was surprisingly cute and well done, but it wasn’t the scripted parts of the show that had Honey and I snickering.  Rather, it was all of the funny faces we observed on the PCP.  He certainly ran the gamut of emotions in the forty-five minute or so production before really going out with a bang.
February 2013 007
caught in the act
February 2013 009
February 2013 012
February 2013 014
February 2013 016
February 2013 017
put out
February 2013 018
February 2013 021
February 2013 022
February 2013 025

“There goes his teacher, up on the bleachers.”
“Seriously!?!?  Did he pass out?  Throw up?  I think he passed out.”

It was the next to last song of the show and I couldn’t get through the thick of the crowd to see what happened.  This is was one of those moments when I wished more than anything that I had Sister or bestie M with me.  They would have called off the show without a second thought to get across the room to their babies.  Instead, I fretted, freaked out and had a mini panic attack until I saw his teacher give me the “he’s okay” from across the room.  She saw him get flushed and then start to slip between the crowd and ran up there to get him.  A little fresh air and a sip of water later and his was back in business.

February 2013 026 
He’s definitely got some drama in him.  I for one was thoroughly entertained.  That is until I was thoroughly freaking out.  One things is for sure… there is NEVER a dull moment around these parts. 

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