Minggu, 28 Februari 2016

Lillie's First Bike

Lillie has been wanting a bike since last summer. We kept telling her we would get her one this summer. Well, yesterday Lola, Lillie and I headed to a consignment shop trying to hunt down a few needed things for the girls and this lovely bike greeted us at the door. Lillie squealed and clutched her hands to her heart and said, "Oh look at this beautiful bike! It is just my size!" It was so sweet and my heart melted. Still, I figured seeing how we had held off this long why not wait a couple more months...right? She's been begging for one just about every Target trip for the past year. But then I saw the price which was great and texted Jon a picture to see what he thought but knew he was working out one of the players so didn't think I would hear back from him before we left. I told her we probably wouldn't get it today but we would think about it and I would ask Daddy about it tonight. Well, just before we left Jon texted me back and excitedly said to get it! When I told her we were going to get it I think it may have been the most excited I have ever seen her in her three little years!

Even though it was FREEZING as soon as we got home and I got the seat adjusted to her size she hopped on and in about five minutes she had learned how to peddle. She was just absolutely so thrilled and happy and wanted Jon, Jason and every one of our neighbors who drove by or walked by to get their mail to watch her. She's normally pretty shy around people she doesn't know and doesn't talk much but yesterday she wouldn't stop chatting to anyone that walked by about her new bike! She even saw one woman who was walking by with her phone in her hand and said, "You can take a picture of me and my new bike if you want!" If you knew how much she hates having her photo taken you would know how hilarious that was.

 I can't believe how fast she is growing up. I have to say this was probably one of the most special afternoons I have had with her. I didn't have my real camera outside with me but I did get a few shots and a video with my iPhone.

After dinner last night we went to Target and got her a helmet so don't worry - she will be nice and safe.

I also wanted to wish Dana a very happy birthday! Love you!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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