Senin, 22 Februari 2016

My Farmhouse Wanna Be Kitchen

Hey friends!


Have I told you that I want a beautiful farmhouse kitchen?  Yes, I know I have.  I’m just reminding you.


It’s not just the kitchen I want  but  I would LOVE to have the whole farmhouse.


Do you ever get tired of me somewhat (just a little on occasion) complaining (but still trying hard to be content) about my kitchen?


I know you have heard all of my sad stories about wanting so much to paint my kitchen cabinets and change my counter tops. 


You have also heard me say that it’s just not gonna happen.  Nope…probably never ever.  It’s just something my husband will not budge on and I  respect him on that.


That doesn’t mean, however,  that I haven’t tried real hard to achieve a little bit of a farmhouse look in there.


This POST shows you one side of the kitchen that has a little of that cozy farmhouse feel.


It’s just the other side that I have such a hard time with.


Why do I want a farmhouse kitchen?


Because every time I see one in person or in pictures, my heart skips a beat, and another beat and then another.  They just speak all kinds of things to me.  A little love thing going on.


You ladies who have beautiful white kitchens with butcher block counter tops and gorgeous farm sinks…yes, I am a wee little envious.  Just sayin… 


Understand me though, I am not coveting.  I want you to have your kitchen, I just want one too.


And, I am thankful for my kitchen because, after all, it is JUST a kitchen.  Perspective, right?


So what have I done?


I have taken off more and more cabinet doors. 


I have added new hardware.


I have accessorized with things I love.


I have made my kitchen look probably way too busy, but I keep in mind that everything that is out is something I use very often.


I also keep in mind that a hardworking farm wife years ago and today would want easy access to all of her stuff.  She would want to save time by having things close at hand.


Thus…part of why I have such a busy looking kitchen.  I like having things nearby.


So let me show you now, after all of those many words, how I have done a little more change up.


Oh yeah…remember that I have very dated oak cabinets…in case you forgot.  And, I have green countertops.


This photo doesn’t look so orangey…just wait.


spice cab 2



radip cab 2


counter 1


plates cab 1


plates cab 2



glasses cab 1


glasses cab 2

sink cab 6


half kitchen 1


potrack 3


pot rack 2


full kitchen


I guess the major change was that I took off more cabinet doors.


My sweet man has been out of town for 2 1/2 weeks.


Do you think he will notice? 



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