Kamis, 25 Februari 2016

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (St. Patrick's Day Chalkboard Download)

Being Irish, I thought it would be fun to do a little St. Patrick's Day vignette. First, I wrote first part of this song on a chalkboard. (The downloadable PDF file is now available in our shop).The girls have a little singing bear that my aunt sent last St. Patrick's Day and when you squeeze his hand it moves around and sings this song in a funny little voice. They think it's hilarious so when I told them what I wrote on here they both started laughing. Then Lillie chimed in, "I don't think Jason's going to let you sell this one, though, Mommy." Ummm, what? First, I tried to figure out why she thinks Jason's the boss =) and then I asked her why he wasn't going to let us sell it. She replied, "Because is says 'steals' and stealing is bad!" Of course, I assured her stealing someone's heart was a good thing.

I added some Bells of Ireland (paired with a few snapdragons) to a white pitcher.

And then made a little shamrock out of carnations. I will have a tutorial for that soon!

Above is the original chalkboard. Below is the PDF file downloaded from our shop and printed on engineering paper and framed. I am hoping to have a tutorial later this week on framing the chalkboard prints.

In preparation for two exciting things that are about to happen (one being Jamie's baby about to make her entrance into this world and the other one which we are still waiting on a few details to work out) I've been working like crazy to have quite a few blog posts ready. I still have to write the posts but I have photographed quite a few different things to share including two tutorials, three baking posts, three more new chalkboard designs, some new tufted chairs and some rearranging in our living room, and a new pillow. I also started working on some Easter decorating yesterday.

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

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