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A young couples living room project!

Hi there......everyone watch The Oscars last night?  I lapped it up, and really enjoyed the show. So happy to see Argo do so well, though I would have been as happy had Silver Linings Playbook take the prize. Really happy Jennifer won, love how real she is and Daniel Day Lewis admittedly was fabulous as Lincoln though I have to admit I was rooting for Bradley Cooper who I thought was incredible in SLP.  I will cover my hits and misses on the fashion front later this week. Moving along......

I so enjoyed this recent project, and it turned out to be super successful as the young couple who hired me to create three mood boards ended up being so happy with them that they have already nearly ordered their entire living room! No grass growing under their feet, they lead busy lives and wanted to jump right in!

A little background, they are a young couple, married for a few years, he is almost done with his medical residency, and she is a teacher. They live in Chicago so wanted something polished and sophisticated but young. They are on a very limited budget but have great taste and both have an appreciation for design. They wanted an all white room (no kids) and they thought if there was a time to do this, it was now! Did not want to bring much color, wanted it monochromatic but were not opposed to a little bling (tasteful bling that is)  They needed to complete their living room for under $6000.

A challenge but certainly not impossible. The biggest splurge and their first purchase was the Thomas O Brien rug which they both fell in love with. But that purchase made for having to find great looking bargains for everything else. The white slipcovered sofa they found as a floor sample at a local store for 700.00, the two chairs from Ikea. And the accessories from a variety of places. Most pillows were between $24-50.00. The tables, on average about $200 and the chest which they both loved was the most expensive table, at $500. Mirrors and art were also very affordable.  He loves horses so one of the options was with a horse giclee. They celebrated their  honeymoon in Venice, hence the Venetian picture in mood board #2. She also didn't mind adding a touch of light blue so one of the paintings has the softest hint of pale blue. They both loved the idea of gold accents to glam it up and she loved the idea of a textured pillow featured in one of the boards.

So that's a little background. Now...the fun part! Here are the boards, all  similar in feel but each slightly different. They thought it would be fun to ask my savvy readers as I did last time with the beach house mood boards........ do you have a favorite?

Remember all sizes are not totally to scale so if a lamp looks too big or small or a pillow, bear in mind these are strictly concepts:)

So does one stand out to you as a favorite? If so which? There are many elements that are the same (things they liked) but we changed up things like the pillows, lamps, mirrors,art,etc.....I always love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for stopping by and wishing you a wonderful start to your week!


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