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home garden designs pictures.

home garden designs pictures.

home garden designs pictures.

home garden designs pictures.

Vintage Book Wreath Giveaway, Coasters, and a Winner

Before I tell you about this super exciting giveaway, I have to give a quick disclaimer about yesterday's post. We didn't actually get any concerned comments on the blog but we did get a couple of texts wondering about it. Don't worry! We would never have let Lola just sit on the top of Jason's Jeep like that. In fact, she really isn't sitting much on her own yet anyway, and even if she were I would never have let her just balance up there like that. That was all thanks to Photoshop. I will show you the original photos I worked from to make that shot at some point soon!

Okay now onto this gorgeous wreath:

 I am so excited about this giveaway! I don't know about you, but I LOVE wreaths made from vintage book pages! And guess what? We are giving the beautiful Joyeux Noel Wreath (shown above) made by the lovely Lana of Simple Joys Paperie to one lucky winner! Just in time for Christmas.

 Lana makes the most beautiful paper creations including all sorts of gorgeous wreaths:

These STUNNING angel wings:

 Precious little angels:

 Adorable little snowmen:

So, how can you win?
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!

You don't have to have a blog to enter, either. If you aren't a blogger, just enter a comment and then where it says "comment as" scroll down near the bottom and click on anonymous. However, if you do that, make sure to leave your e-mail address so we can confirm that you are the winner. If we draw the name of someone who doesn't leave any identifying information we will simply draw a new name. Make sure to check back here on the blog to collect your prize!

You can comment each day if you would like to up your chances!

For extra entries become visit Simple Joys Paperie and come back here and tell us your favorite item and/or follow Lana's blog or twitter account and come back here and let us know you did!
(Just make sure to leave your favorite item, and the words "blog" and "twitter" as their own comments so you will get the extra entries as we use random.org to pick the winner). 

Because of the cost of shipping a wreath internationally this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.

Also, we wanted to let you all know we have our Drummer Boy Coasters back in stock! 
And we plan on having some new pillows ready by Friday and more burlaps stockings back in stock early next week!

 And finally it is time to announce the winner of our MyPix2Canvas Giveaway 
Congratulations to Kristel!
We will be sending you an e-mail with all the info from

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!

Guest posting today at Haus Design!

Good morning to all my lovely readers...hope your week is going well. I am so excited to be over at my friend, Barbara's blog, Haus Design. I was thrilled she asked me to participate in a new series she is running, Design in five, about five things I would want to do or feel the need to do if starting with a blank room. I hope you will pop on over and visit me there.

 Barbara is just the sweetest, such a gracious and classy person, she has a beautiful eye for elegant European influenced furnishings and her blog is always a divine treat for the senses. On top of that she is soon going to be opening her online store which I know will be a big hit with her fabulous taste and incredible resources from all over in Europe. She lives in Munich, Germany so I love hearing and seeing the unique perspective she offers. In any case, please come on over and visit me there and discover Haus Design if you are not yet already familiar with her blog, you are promised a real treat! See you there!
Click here to visit!

By the way for some of you who asked about the results of last weeks, "Which would you choose' here are the results.....





What can I say, you all have superb taste!!  Wishing you a beautiful day.


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Slovakia home designs.

Slovakia modern homes, exterior home designs.

Slovakia home designs.

Slovakia modern homes, exterior home designs.

Joe Or Joanne?

I was cracking up reading your comments on my $3.00  painting!    Reading your reactions
was well worth bringing this portrait home.

Consensus is that the subject in the painting is Joanne,  rather than her brother Joe.  Some of you said she looked like a grandma and some said a young lady.  A few of you agreed with me that it was a male with  a somewhat  feminine appearance.  I think Joe, or Joanne as she will be known from now on,  may have been on the way to the dump because she didn't like the way the artist portrayed her.  Maybe she thought she looked a little to masculine in the painting too.

Joanne,  so sorry I thought you were a man.

I should have known better!

Sandy  left me this comment about my new acquisition. 

 As an artist who does lots of portraits, I agree....this is an older woman. The lighter brow ridge, no beard shadow, softness of the lips ....everything says female to my eye...including her clothing. I'm guessing this is an oil on canvas done by a fairly amateur artist, but one with training under their belt...perhaps a student piece from the model. It shows a lot of talent, especially in the expression and loose treatment. If it's unsigned, it may be a student piece...or unfinished. I would guess it's 50-60 years old".

Thanks for the info, Sandy.

  I don't guess I'll ever learn the story behind the portrait but I think it deserves a good home.  For now SHE  seems quite happy in the upstairs hall....I can tell this from the look in her eyes!

Thanks everyone for visiting and I enjoyed reading all your funny comments.  Have a great week
and I hope to see you at the Open House Party starting Wednesday evening.



A touch of Shabby Chic - Inside a home in Lincolnshire

Today I wanted to share this gorgeous Georgian home situated  in Lincolnshire, England. I chose this house for it's "shabby chic" feel. The house is available for film/magazine/production shoots, what a great setting for romantic fashion shots similar to the image below... 

Image via Fashion Gone Rogue (note this image was not photographed in the property below)

click "here" to contact JJ Locations for use of this property or for further information

Please note:  The above images are owned by JJ Locations and are reproduced on Lee Caroline Art with prior permission from JJ Locations.

Well, I'm off to Laura Ashley to collect some gorgeous products
for a Christmas feature. Hope your having a wonderful
day wherever you are in the world.

Lee oxo

A new born, a fracture, a beautiful blog, exceptional books and a comment I was thrilled about!

Congratulations to Luciane of the blog Homebunch, her husband and family with their new born son Matthew !

MatthewWelcome to the world dear Matthew!


As of course Luciane wasn’t blogging these days, I didn’t either!! Not for the same reason of course! No, last Friday I fell of my horse and had to go to hospital where the doctor noticed, after he had taken a CT scan, that there was a small fracture to one of my vertebrae. The past 2 days I had a lot of pain!  Fortunately I didn’t need surgery! I am at home and need to rest a lot ! I do hope that around Christmas I will feel much better and that the fracture will be repaired!! I feel so sorry to not be able to ride my horse Mango for a certain time! I really felt a bit down the days before and had not that much enthusiasm to blog as you will hopefully understand.

Anyway, life goes on and today I feel much better!


I absolutely want to thank my friend Leslie Sinclair of the blog Segreto for the amazing post she wrote about me and the work of my company.

You can read it HERE.

Thank you so much Leslie, I feel very very honored!!

I do think that a lot among us have already heard about Leslie, the author of the blog Segreto and owner of the paint finishes company Segreto Finishes.

Leslie wrote a gorgeous book in which you will discover a lot of projects on which she has worked on!! Wonderful houses of which Leslie took care of the mural as of the cabinet finishes!

The Skirted Round Table wrote a beautiful post about Leslie and her company Segreto Finishes. And Leslie was even interviewed by the Skirted Round Table. To listen to this interview, please go here.

segreto1Source : Segreto Finishes via The Skirted Round Table

shadyriver7w_watermarkSource : Segreto Finishes


Leslie’s book Segreto is a must have! Please click on book cover to order it.



Our blog colleague Diane Dorrans Saeks, founder of the most interesting blog The Style Saloniste and author of lots of publications about interior design and desigers has shared with us this week her ‘picks of exceptional books of the season’.

As this book titled Marisa Berenson A life in Pictures  

Marisa Berenson ‘Marisa Berenson, A Life in Pictures’ by Marisa Berenson, with guest editor Steven Meisel. Introduction by Hamish Bowles and a Conversation with Diane von Furtenberg (Rizzoli)


Or this book,titled Intimate Chanel


‘Intimate Chanel’ by Isabelle Fiemeyer, with photography by Francis Hammond and with a foreword by Gabrielle Palasse-Labrunie (Gabrielle Chanel’s only direct descendant) (Flammarion)


Many more exceptional books to discover at Diane’s blog HERE.


I want to thank everyone of you for all of your lovely comments on my latest blogpost about the finished Lefèvre Interiors project ! It means so much to me!

One of the comments came of - I still can’t believe it – the London based and famous designer John Stefanidis!!!

John Stefanidis is a designer with a prestigious, inernational clientele. His company John Stefanidis Brands Limited is specialized in the architectural and interior design of both residential properties and hotels across the globe.

John has also created original fabrics and furniture ranges. See his website HERE.

You really have to know that John Stefanidis is one of my all times favorite designers and you will have noticed his name listed on ‘my favorite designers’ list at the side bar of my blog.

I learned to know about John’s designs and work by his first book ‘ROOMS’, Design & Decoration’ (1988), I bought years ago, at the start of my career as a decorator.

This book is full of practical ideas on lighting, placing furniture, mixing styles and arranging objects and is still a wonderful resource on design.

I still have it on the shelves of my library! It is one of my favorite books! Not so long ago I passed on the title to some of my friends who were looking for design inspiration!

Can you believe how surprised and thrilled I was to see John’s comment under my blogpost !!

2011-11-29_172937 Thank you so much Mr Stefanidis! Your comment means a lot to me!


Since his first book Rooms, Design & Decoration, John Stefanidis has written another 3 books, to discover on his website HERE.

Book Rooms


Some pictures of John Stefanidis’ designs.

Picture AD 3  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg  John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

Every time I visit John’s website I am impressed by this hallway!! Gorgeous!


Picture AD 1  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

This mahogany-paneled library is one of my favorite rooms! Notice the Venetian mirror and the 18th century oil painting Black Hunter by John Wootton. John designed the inlaid low table.


Picture AD 2 Durston Saylor John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Durston Saylor

A dining room with several mirrored panels. One of them is leading to the kitchen. A George III mahogany table.


Picture AD 4  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg   John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

Elegant and warm room. I love the French chandeliers and the Stark carpet.


Picture AD 6  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg  John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

A renovation of an Athens apartment.


Picture AD 3  Miguel Flores-ViannaJohn Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Miguel Flores-Vianna

In both of these bedrooms John used beautiful fabrics.

Picture AD 5  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg   John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg


Picture AD 7  Fritz Von Der Schulenburg   John Stefanidis via Architectural Digest – Photo credit Fritz Von Der Schulenburg

I am glad to hear that John is a ‘bookaholic’ as much as I am.

“Where to put my books was a priority,” says Stefanidis, who sits in the small library.(Text AD).

Well I have to say that this was a priority for me too! The library was the first room in our house that was finished! I had to store my precious books!


John is also the author of the blog ‘The Developed Eye’ !

Blog John Stefanidis



I wish you a wonderful week!