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Inspiration No 3, 2013 - Interiors, Recipes & More

I have been a little short of time this week, preparing a post on upcycling/refinishing furniture took a little longer than I thought but well worth the time. If you missed this post please take a look and see Olivia's amazing furniture transformations.

This weeks inspiration is a collection of recipes, DIY ideas and my current obsession with grey which I will be discussing in a separate post.

I'm constantly browsing the Internet and magazines to look for ideas for the home and with the current economy I like to find ways of being able to DIY lovely homeware. Candles in particular are a great accessory to the home but can sometimes be expensive, however, a simple candle from a dollar shop can be turned into something special for your home.

Dip dyed candles...Step by Step instructions at Martha Stewart

Pre punched paper wrapped around a glass cylinder with a candle inside allows the light to shine through. Note, make sure it is wrapped around the outside of the glass and not in reach of the flame. Image source

Dip dyed candlesticks from Inspiration Squelle a lovely blog with lots of wonderful ideas....Instructions here

Simple step by step tutorial to these yummy peppermint macron's at Studio DIY.. Read more here

Create this simple trifle, see recipe at Cannelle et Vanille

And, that obsession with grey....

Image sources for grey interiors 1|2|3|4|5

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