Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

My New Fireplace Mantel

Hi friends!

Before I go any further I just want to simply say how much I appreciate your visits and your comments.  God uses so many of you to speak wisdom and encouragement into my life. 

Thank you for that.

Now I want to show you my latest purchase from my wonderful treasure hunting uncle who knows me so well.

sign 1

This beautiful green mantel he found is now my headboard.

bed 2

I love the pop of color it adds to my white walls. 

flowers 4

This great old crock was hanging out in my mom’s garage.

  So happy that she has stuff out there that she doesn’t even know she has that she so lovingly shares with her only daughter. 

flowers 2

bonjour pillow

I’ve told you before that I love the word Devoted.   

A simple word with big meaning.

bed 3

full room

This gorgeous quilt box was also another thing hiding in my mom’s garage.   Can you believe it?

Isn’t it wonderful to find hidden treasures?

It’s such a thrill to always be on the hunt for something discarded..something once loved but tossed aside.

I love seeing the beauty in something that others have forgotten.

I am so thankful that the Lord sees me as beautiful.

I am so thankful that no matter how dirty or broken I may be, He finds me of great worth. 

“Oh how He loves me”! 

“Oh how He loves you”!

“Oh how He loves you and me”!

Partying at Knick of Time

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