Minggu, 21 Februari 2016

The Drapes that Dreams are Made Of

Y’all know that I made it a New Year’s resolution to pull out of the pretty things I’ve got stashed away and either use them or lose them.  The first on the list was the eleven yards of stunning coastal fabric by Design Legacy that I purchased at Lewis and Sheron for my one-day-playroom-turned-home-office.  Well, "one day" is one too many days away to let this sit sadly in my closet, so I went crazy last Saturday morning and sewed it right into new drapes for the living room.  These, my friends, are the drapes that (my) dreams are made of…
January 2013 113 copy

January 2013 110  January 2013 112       
Of course, one thing always leads to another, so I pulled the oyster shell mirror (from Wisteria) out from under the guest room bed (it was in the master this time last year) and all sorts of other goodies out of hiding.  Like this collection of Oysteria plates

photo 1 (33)

This lamp from Pottery Barn and shade from Target…
photo 2 (33)

And these coastal finds from Home Goods in Savannah last summer…
photo 3 (28)

Change is afoot!  Y’all stay tuned!! (Oh, and as an added bonus, between this and the master bedroom changes the closet is really clearing out.)

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