Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

A Beautiful Home Tour

I have quite a treat for you today!

Carolyn @ Sweet Chaos Home has graciously allowed me to share her gorgeous home with you. 

This house was Carolyn's dream home. She would arrive early to pick her kids up at preschool, so she could turn into the neighborhood next door and spend a few moments checking out this house.  She drove by so often that Carolyn was surprised the neighbors didn't call the police.  On one of her drives there was a for sale sign on her dream home and several months later Carolyn and her family were moving in.

Since moving in they have completed many renovations and projects on the 1980's home.

Enjoy the tour and be amazed at the transformation of this beautiful home.


 Newly improved kitchen below

Quite a difference from the BEFORE picture below.

Can you believe the only changes were removing the wallpaper and painting the walls and trim?
Amazing, huh? 

Carolyn bought the chairs below off Craigslist for her dining room and had them upholstered in
this pretty blue and white fabric.  I am in Love! 
Lovely living room
What a pretty guest room. 
 The master bath was completely renovated....Gorgeous! 
Bathroom before renovation.  Can you believe the beautiful bath above started like this?

I know Carolyn's four boys must love the pool.

Visit  Sweet Chaos Home  to see amazing remodeling projects and to view more of
this beautiful home. 
Thank you, Carolyn for sharing your dream  home with us.
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