Senin, 29 Februari 2016

The Longest Chair Redo in History

I’ve had this ghastly chair lurking in the corner of my bedroom(s) for ten years.

circa 2004 (there are so many tragic elements to this picture)

circa 2008

And finally, at long last, I have had the darned thing recovered.  It’s asinine that I spent just under 30% of my life fretting over picking a fabric.  For a chair. And ended up with WHITE.  Without further ado, let me present to you the chair in all of her newfound beauty.  She’s a looker…
February 2012 371

Here are the details:
- The body fabric is Tonga Snow Matelasse by Waverly.  Once I finally picked the fabric it was like the world was working against me to lay my hands on seven yards of it.  After a crazy hunt all over the city of Atlanta and the world wide web, I lucked out on ebay – with free shipping and no tax to boot.
- I traded nail heads for double welting, done in extra yardage ordered from Horchow to match my Essex bedspread.  The bolster pillow is from the same collection in Flax.
February 2012 377
- Trading the channeled back for a smooth back made a world of difference.  The piece de resistance would be my custom monogram from Savannah’s Number Four Eleven (store / blog).  One word – swoon.
February 2012 375
- And, while I adore a good DIY project, I brought in the professionals for this makeover.

Now, I've finally picked a color for the bedroom and once painted it will be well on it's way to completion!

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