Senin, 15 Februari 2016

The Q-U Wedding

We kicked off our Valentine’s Day at the wedding of (the letters) Q and U in the PCP’s classroom.  It was a darling and elaborate affair that is a much loved tradition in Mrs. B’s first grade class.  As the parents arrived, we were completely wowed by the pink and purple tulle explosion that surely must be what seven year old dreams are made of :-)

February 2013 079

February 2013 074

Every detail of the wedding was meticulously thought out, planned for, rehearsed and executed.  It was truly impressive!  The groomsmen dressed as quarterbacks, and the bridesmaids as queens.  The flower girl dropped quarters as she walked down the purple aisle and the “vowel family” was prominently represented in the front row.


I must admit that my heart went a bit aflutter as the PCP / the groom / the letter U made his merry way down the aisle. 

   February 2013 131

All of the students perfectly executed their lines.  The PCP proudly pronounced to his bride “I do promise to stand by you in cursive and in manuscript.”  A high five sealed the deal.

February 2013 132

And the happy pair was all smiles!

February 2013 130 

Should you like to watch the whole shebang, be warned that Honey changed the orientation half way through so you just might have a crick in your neck by the end :-)

Afterwards, the students served their parents at a small reception.  There were probably forty guests, with each student having at least one parent in attendance.

February 2013 082

We couldn’t have been prouder of this sweet child.  I had to purposefully restrain myself from envisioning this same scene twenty years from now.

February 2013 140 copy    

Their hard work was evident and the morning was not one we’ll soon forget.  We truly could not have lucked out with a better, more dedicated teacher!!  This was beyond “above and beyond”!


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