Sabtu, 02 April 2016

Adding Color To The Family Room

I have been trying to lighten up our home by painting the walls and replacing the
dark oriental rug with a sea grass one.  I love the neutral rooms shown on some of my
favorite blogs and design magazines, but I have come to realize I must  have some
color in our home.

Here is one thing I came up with...

The orange pillows look red in the pictures but they are actually close to
the same orange in our Deruta lamps.

Yours truly made these pillows. 

 I am not a seamstress and sewing machines are not my friends. 
 Yep, it took me a full day to make these four pillows!   Good
thing I am not sewing for a living, huh?

Gotta run...we have another showing on our home early tomorrow.
This means spending the evening cleaning house.
( After Dancing With The Stars of course)

Keep your fingers crossed for a sale.

**Don't forget the Open House party is on Spring Break**
for a few weeks.

xo, Sherry

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