Sabtu, 02 April 2016

Disney on Ice

Before we hit the road for Spring break, we spent an evening at Disney on Ice Treasure Trove.  A collection of Disney bests old and new, our whole crew was enamored by the spectacular feats, classic stories, favorite characters and, of all things, the zamboni. 


March 2012 672

March 2012 671

March 2012 670

Among our favorite acts were Alice in Wonderland…

March 2012 641

…the high flying adventures of Peter Pan and Captain Hook…

March 2012 658


…Aladdin and Princess Jasmine flying over the ice on their magic carpet…



…The Lion King…

March 2012 703

March 2012 689

…and, of course, the big mouse himself!

March 2012 639

It was as magical of an evening as only Disney can make! 



With that, we’re off to beat the crowds to the beach!!


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