Rabu, 13 April 2016

Darling Easter Desserts

Sister is our go-to gal for darling desserts around these parts.  This Easter she had us swooning over her dolled up Whole Foods lemon cake (which is totes delish.)  She added loads of edible Easter grass (which is down right nasty in spite of its fabulous appearance), a chocolate bunny and a single blue egg to give an average looking cake an extreme makeover.
April 2012 554
Last year she dazzled us with this fun and springy Peeps cake.  For this one, she simply added Peeps and yellow gumballs to a Fresh Market white chocolate cake.
April 2011 637
Oh, and while that edible grass is on my mind, I had to share these sweet mason jar treats the littles found in their baskets.  (Inspiration found here.)  A chocolate bunny, edible grass and a few robin’s egg malt balls arranged all pretty like in a mason jar.  You’ll be seeing these again in the form of teacher treats next spring.
April 2012 559
Can’t wait to see what Sister comes up with next year…

A Dixie Delights Easter:

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