Rabu, 06 April 2016

The Masters

Y’all, yesterday I had the great fortune of spending my day at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia!!  Until this year, I was the sole member of my family yet to experience the perfect pimento cheeses, manicured greens and hushed excitement running through the crowds.  (I think it was this blog post that convinced Daddy-O I really needed to go.)
photo (24)
photo (25)
Since Honey has been countless times, he was a dear and made the day all about me.  We saw a few minutes of golf here and there and spent the rest of our day admiring the landscape, ogling Magnolia Lane (planted as seeds in 1850’s (!), I liken the drive to Wormsloe’s majestic live oaks), reading about the history of the clubhouse (the first cement home in the South built in 1854!!), perusing the golf shops, eating pimento cheeses (y’all, they were legendary!) and egg salads and sipping on sweet teas and lemonades.  He even traipsed all the way over to Founder’s Circle so that I could have our picture taken!
masters 2
A heartfelt thanks goes out to Mother and Daddy-O’s besties P and B for the tickets.  It was a splendid and all around memorable day!

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