Kamis, 07 April 2016

Easter Eve

Like last year, we spent Easter Eve hunting, dying, eating (and later stuffing) eggs!  It was like wrestling with pigs getting these two dressed up for the day but it was well worth the effort to step out with such handsome lads in tow…  (I die at that madras blazer.)
April 2012 229 copy
April 2012 255 copy
April 2012 260 copy
April 2012 276 copy
We started our day with brunch and a hunt at the club. Mother and Daddy-O and Sister and her family were all in attendance at the days festivities.  Oh, and Cookie was positively squealing with delight when the “big bunny” made a picture with his “little bunny” named “ears”.
April 2012 311
April 2012 338
April 2012 348
April 2012 356
April 2012 305
Back at home we completed the annual boiling and dyeing of the eggs.  Of course the littles thoroughly enjoyed dipping and redipping theirs until they were all a lovely shade of brown.  Alas, they will be devilled by morning :-)
April 2012 369
April 2012 374
April 2012 377
And now that the littles are tucked sweetly in bed, it’s time for the big bunny to get busy preparing for tomorrow!

Happy Easter Eve, y’all!

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