Kamis, 14 April 2016

Welcome Y’all

Before she broke her foot, Sister came over this way and worked her planting magic on my front pots.  (The very same day that the littles deconstructed the basement and the big oak fell out of nowhere, in fact.)
March 2012 629 copySister also put the basket of french tulips together for me eons ago and I still adore it.  This year, Mother surprised me with a mini DIY chalkboard frame announcing “Spring” to adorn it!  *love*
April 2012 299
I’m infamous in my family for my black thumb and I had to pinky promise I’d keep these beauts watered and dead headed (see, I’m already talking the lingo.)

April 2012 302
If I knew anything about plants (or if I’d saved the little tags Sister told me to hold onto), I’d tell you what these pretty things are.  Alas, I do not, so I won’t pretend.  Oh, and speaking of dead heading, she plucked that one in the middle there about 2.5 seconds after her last pre-cast arrival.
April 2012 303
The height of pots has been bothering me for a good long while, so I gave them a lift by turning another flower pot (found at Target) upside down as a base.   Here’s the side by side before and after…
March 2011 052March 2012 629 copy
Welcome, y’all!

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