Rabu, 06 April 2016

Peep Pops {Free Printable}

I know, I know…Peeps.  AGAIN!  I just can’t get enough of their marshmallowy goodness and all around adorbleness (yes, I just invented two words there.)  We’ll be having a basket full of Peep Pops for our egg hunting extravaganza tomorrow afternoon.  And you know I’ll be bringing back the bunny-tinis.  A girl needs her cocktails, after all.
April 2012 209
April 2012 213
The only thing better than having our very own basket of Peep Pops is having a few to share with our besties.  Wrap them up in a cello bag, tie on my free printable tag (below) and voila…Peep Pops for your favorite peeps!  I mean, who wouldn’t love puffed sugar rolled in sugar dipped in sugar and, finally, sprinkled with sugar?!?!
April 2012 222
April 2012 227
To whip up your own Peep Pops in no time at all, simply melt white chocolate candy melts (Michael’s or any craft store) per the package instructions, roll your Peeps around in the chocolate and embellish with sprinkles.
Happy Easter gift tags
Happy Easter, y’all!
A Dixie Delights Easter:

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