Senin, 04 April 2016

Spring Break: Savannah Day 3

We hit the stores bright and early yesterday morning because it wouldn’t be a trip to Savannah without carting the littles around to shop Savannah.

Our first stop was one of my new favorites – Sweet Tea in Sandfly.  I drooled over these petite hand painted canvases on my last trip and, armed with a Living Social deal, made this mine without a moment’s hesitation.
April 2012 207
We lunched at the relatively new Cookie Bar at Byrd’s Cookie Company.  It was a pricey little meal, but wonderfully delish.  Our favorite was the honeycrisp apple and english cheddar salad.
photo (21)
We hit up a number of our other regular haunts but it was the Habersham Antique Market that took the cake this trip.  I left with five vintage Nancy Drew books (positively my most adored childhood read), a aqua grain sack (that will be reappearing quite soon as pillows somewhere in my house), and an old refrigerator basket (that will be holding firewood for our outdoor fireplace starting construction next week *squeal*.)  If I told you how little I paid for the loot, you’d be plum green with envy.
April 2012 202
April 2012 203
April 2012 204
After a few hours in and out of stores, we unleashed the littles for some good old fashioned goofing around in Forsyth Park.
April 2012 174
April 2012 181
I wrapped up my day with a divine evening out with two very special childhood gals.  We sipped wine, noshed on a variety of delectable eats and talked for hours at K’s newest restaurant, a.lure (facebook / website).  Look for much more to come on a.lure as it’s just been added to my very unofficial official Savannah must-do list!!

One of these days I’ll put together a list of all those “official” Savannah faves.  In the meantime, for more Savannah shopping chronicles, check here, here, here, here, here and here

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