Minggu, 10 April 2016

Vintage Dough Bowl

Hey friends!

I have to show you another beautiful piece of history that I brought home from Texas. 

On one of our many treasure hunts, I found this heavy,  huge, obviously loved and well used,  German dough bowl.    I know I say it often, but I totally love this piece and the history that it holds.  Can’t you just imagine a wife and mom using this bowl to knead her dough for the homemade bread she is preparing for dinner?

dough bowl 1

dough bowl 2

Okay, I really don’t know a better way to say this, but I have never seen cracks look so beautiful.  Forgive me for that one, but really didn’t know how to say it.

dough bowl 3

dough bowl 4

I think she is just gorgeous filled with old vintage linens.  

dough bowl 6

You can see how big she is as she sits atop my coffee table. 

My photos do not do this piece justice.  I would love for you to be able to see it like I do. 

There are many things in my home that I could easily part with and could be replaced.  Not this one…this beauty is a keeper.

Hope you have had a blessed day and that the rest of your week is wonderful.

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