Sabtu, 16 April 2016

Chalkboard Crush

If y’all are anything like me, you have a kitchen drawer full of pads, pens (who am I kidding…make that crayons) and crumpled up, crossed out, barely legible notes.  Said notes contain pertinent information like the meals you’ve planned for week and random kitchen staples that you’ve run out of and don’t want to forget on the next grocery trip (think salt or lemon juice.)  Inevitably, I forget about at least one thing I had planned to make in a week and fail to purchase at least one of the things I meant to replenish at the store, all because I’ve lost my darned list.  Well no more!  Hold on to your hats because this is just the quickest, easiest, inexpensivest (I love making up words) project ev-ah.

I happened on this roll of repositionable chalkboard paper at Hobby Lobby and bee-lined to the checkout. With my 40% off coupon the grand total came to under five dollars!  If there’s one thing I love, it’s chalkboards (as evidenced here, here, here and here.)
March 2012 553
And in under twenty minutes, I had measured, cut and adhered a chalkboard surface to the inside of my pantry doors. 
March 2012 554
March 2012 555
March 2012 556
There’s just enough room for my weekly menu…
March 2012 557
…that list of kitchen staples I forget I’m out of until I need to use…
March 2012 558
…and a note to the littles pointing to their snack drawer…
March 2012 560
March 2012 559
It was easy to cut, easy to apply and reposition, easy to write on and easy to wipe clean.  And, as you’d probably expect, I’m dreaming up one bazillion other places to chalkboard as I type…I suppose one might call that a “chalkboard crush”.


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