Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

Updated Living Room

In the middle of December (I think it was December 15th) I took all of our Christmas decorations down seeing how I knew that when we returned from NH it would be mid January it would be the last thing in the world I would want to do. Plus all of our fresh greenery would have been completely dry and probably have made a huge mess. Lillie was a bit confused why were packing it all away when there was still ten more days until Christmas (and I am sure our neighbors were too, since I had put our tree up in early November - haha, I think they must all think we are crazy) but I was so glad we did it because it certainly was nice to walk through the door after a fourteen hour trip to a clean, blank canvas. Once everything was down, everything looked so bare and I decided I was getting kind of bored with the layout as it was and that it might be fun to play around with it a bit. After trying a few different things I ended up with this. Although I have to say I liked the other way a bit better, it is nice to switch it up every once in a while and this way really makes the space feel more open and larger.

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 You can see how we made our tufted ottoman here and the painted lampshade here.

 I was excited to add our 2012 Family Albums! I wrote a post on our 2011 here and will do another one soon on this year's books!

This was the layout we had before:

So it's still pretty similar. I tried putting the couch opposite the mantel but it was just a hair to close to the door which was disappointing because I liked the look of that best.

 We also are offering this year our Je T'aime pillow covers in the 12 by 20 size in white ink!

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And here's my little photo bomber. She was dancing around while I took these photos and I had to try to not get a flash of purple in just about every shot! =)

I hope you all have a beautiful rest of the week!

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