Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

Gray Willow

I hope everyone had a good weekend. 

 Hubby and I did a little antiquing and shopping on Saturday, then ended our
day out with a fabulous Italian dinner. 

We bought this very large willow trunk at Hobby Lobby.  Actually, this is the
third time we have bought this same basket.

We bought two of these baskets last year while vacationing in Florida and left them at
our son's house.  Our plan was to use them as end tables when we moved to the area.
My son and DIL fell in love with these baskets and their local store no longer carries them.
I knew from our conversations it was going to be a battle to get them back.

 Yesterday when I saw another of these trunks I grabbed it quickly.  Now I just need
to find one more so they can keep the other two!

The trunk has found a temporary home under the table.  Can you see how
large this thing is?  Love it!

Did you notice the plaster capital in the center of the table?  I had been looking
for a antique capital for quite a while with no luck.  I think Steve got tired of
hearing about it and decided to buy this one from Ballards for me.  I had no idea
he was looking at my catalogs,  it was a total surprise that he would order this.


The armillary was a $5.00 garage sale find last summer and the $2.00 demi-john  on
the right was one of my luckiest Goodwill finds.   

Gotta run...on my way to another Hobby Lobby to look for another trunk.  


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