Minggu, 31 Januari 2016

January Dining Room

Well, I'm cutting it pretty close putting January in the title. Even though February is just a few hours away I thought I'd show you what our dining room has looked like these past couple of weeks. Like most people, I always struggle a bit after Christmas trying to still make things looks cozy and not too bare once all of the greenery comes down. Obviously it's a bit too early for anything that has a spring-like feel to it so I generally keep things pretty simple. Although I do put all of my Christmas greenery away I generally use paperwhites for at least another month or so.  (We have just a few of our Ruffled Table Runners left in stock!)

You can see in the first two photos I had some cute little frames above the wingback chair that were a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law. I really wanted to use them in the living room but they were just too small so I ended up swapping them out with this painting we got several years ago and I think I have a good spot for the frames upstairs!

I have to admit I miss having the chairs on either side of the buffet. I moved them into the living room when I changed things around. I am keeping my eyes out for the perfect chairs for the living room, though, and when I do I will move those two back here.

Although we got rid of the Christmas greenery, we keep the hot cocoa station up for most of the winter. (You can see it decorated for Christmas here).

You can see photos of the living room side in yesterday's post.

Last year we got a bunch of e-mails requesting that this year we offer the Valentine's silhouette in a boy option to go with the girl. We just got them finished up and are listing them in our shop right now.
Have a wonderful evening!

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