Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

More ceiling and deck framing

Look at all that ceiling!
Our deck (and the storage area below, AKA The Barn) is being framed -- and framing a misty view.
The Barn from below.
Our deck will be here. The large board in the middle is our exterior sheathing, Agepan. Insulation will be blown in under the Agepan, and the Agepan will keep the wall system dry.
Our 6-foot eaves will shade the house from the heat of the summer sun.
The guys power-washed the concrete floor last week and it looks awesome!
We love the mottled grey (concrete) and rust (mud/clay) colors, unintentional as they are.
Later it'll get some cool finishing; we're looking forward to the final product.

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