Minggu, 31 Januari 2016

Month in Review {January}

As we sit here on the last day of the first month of the year, I was reflecting back on 1) where the days went, 2) how they went so fast, 3) how I actually stuck to my “evaluate” resolution (y’all, I went to Homegoods this week and bought NOTHING!), and 4) how I’ve done nothing but make Disney books for the last two weeks and thus have no new projects to share, I thought I’d highlight the top five of posts of January based on your page views!

Honey Does: DIY Flat Screen TV Cabinet

January 2013 029 copy


100 Days of School {Free Printable}

January 2013 387 copy


The Boys Bath Before & After

January 2013 434 copy


I Love {House Portraits}

January 2013 006 copy


Dixie Delights Disney World

September 2011 797 copy


Speaking of Disney World, this is the last day to get your personalized Disney Signature Books if you’re going in February.  I’ll definitely list them again for those going later in the year! 

November 2012 653 copy

I’d say the year is off to a pretty perfect start!


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