Jumat, 29 Januari 2016

M&M’s Around the World + Last Call Disney Books

The PCP has been learning the seven continents and five oceans in school and his teacher sent home a darling game to reinforce their studies at home.  So, after supper the other night I doled out m&m’s and we challenged each other’s luck and geography for dessert! 

You’ll need:
- 12 markers (we used mini m&m’s) for each player
- a dice
- a copy of the world map for each player (the one we used is here)

photo 5 (13)

Each number rolled matches a part of the map:
1 – South America or North America
2 – Europe or Asia
3 – Africa, Antarctica or Australia
4 – Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean
5 – Arctic Ocean or Southern Ocean
6 – Indian Ocean

photo 4 (22)

photo 1 (37)
Honey and I both acted a little ignorant so that the PCP could help us figure out what was what on the map :-)
photo 2 (37)
And while the PCP won by covering up all twelve points before anyone else, we all had a sweet treat at the end of the game!!
photo 3 (32)  

LAST CALL I'm only taking orders for the personalized Disney Signature Books through the 31st so order now if you know you're going to Disney!!  I will try to do another offer at least once a month from here on out but I'm not sure when that will be in February.

November 2012 653 copy

We're off to the doctor this afternoon for annual checkups.  Wish me luck... these visits always seem to go haywire :-)

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