Kamis, 28 Januari 2016

A Simple Cozy Corner in the Kitchen

Hi friends!

How are you?  Me, I am great.

I spent most of my day today deep cleaning our house. 

The sun came out and showed me my dirt.  Yes, just being real. 

After I clean, I either want people to come for a visit or I take pictures.   Since no one was coming over, the camera came out.

Are you like that as well?

Let me show you our cozy and simple eating area in our kitchen.

No fuss…nothing fancy…just simple and easy for me to look at.

table 1

A beautiful vintage bread board brought back from a trip to Texas.  The lady I bought it from said her German mother used to serve open faced sandwiches on one just like this.   Sounded great to me…

table 4

table 2

Stacks of wooden bowls, ironstone, a little crock, and fresh flowers…all are good things.

flowers 2

table 7

shelves 1

Shelves full of locker baskets are a really good thing.

shelves 3

shelves 5

shelves scale

shelves 2

table 3

A cozy corner for our family dinners…

I pray you are having a wonderful week.

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