Jumat, 29 Januari 2016

Valentine's Day Decor

While I really only go crazy with decor for Christmas and Halloween, I almost always have a little something around for the other holidays.  For Valentine's Day, I put up the wreath I made last year and festooned the dogs with their red XOXO ribbons.
The entry way received a quick little DIY pom pom and XO garland (see how here) and a bowl of cinnamon jelly hearts (hands down my favorite thing about the holiday.)  The X and O are red glittered ornaments scored 75% off from Byrd's Cookie Company at their after Christmas sale.  (Thanks Sister for pointing them out.)
And in the basement I put out the little's Valentine's runner and stuffed alligator.  The remnants of the pom pom garland made their way to top off the chalkboard.

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