Jumat, 11 Maret 2016

Savannah: Byrd’s Cookie Bar + Catherine Lovett

The baby has been a little under the weather the last day or so, but was back to himself by the end of the day.  Some of my parent’s oldest friend’s lost their mother so we delivered a meal and visited with them for a little while before heading to a late lunch at Byrd’s Cookie Bar & Grill.  It was totally delish, as usual, and since it was so late in the day we nearly had the place to ourselves!  I’ve had the Autumn Salad (arugula, blue cheese, hazelnuts, apples and apple cider vinaigrette) as my entree the last few times we dined at Byrd’s and can’t get enough of it.  We learned today that they have a new chef starting this month and will greatly expand the menu.  Can’t wait to go back in April!!

photo 1 (37)

photo 2 (37) 
We popped in the Lilly store and ran a few other quick errands before stopping by Catherine Lovett’s to pick up the piece de resistance for the PCP’s impending room update.  I love love love it!  This iphone pic hardly does the painting justice – you can barely see the gorgeous gold leafing and little dabs of sea salt.  It’s stunning!!

photo 1 (39) 
Oh, and I simply adored Catherine too. While I feel like I’ve known her for ages, this was the first time we actually met in person.  I’m pretty sure we’d be besties if I lived here year round (and I say that in a totally normal non-stalkerish way.)  Her house was DARLING – I wish I’d thought to ask her if I could house crash it for the old blog!!  She also made this sweet Wassaw Conch for my bookcases. 


I’m off to bed – I’m reading The House at Riverton by Kate Morton and can hardly put it down.  If I didn’t know better I’d think Downton Abbey came straight from its pages.  Thanks to all that recommended it!

The House at Riverton

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