Jumat, 11 Maret 2016

Great Vacation....NOT!

Hi everyone!
We got back to Florida last night after eight days at our home in Virginia.  This was my
first trip home in nine months and I was so excited to be going home.  I had several projects
planned and wanted to get the house dressed for Spring.   My dear friend Lynn and I had plans
to go junkin.
Most of all I just wanted to enjoy our Home !
I know you have heard the quote "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray"
Yep,  that is exactly what happened on our trip.
We left Florida and headed to Georgia to stay a couple nights in Dad's second home.
When we arrived we found the house had been burglarized and most of the furniture,
televisions and accessories were missing.  In addition,  the roof had leaked and there
was fallen sheet rock and mildew on the walls in two of the rooms.   It was
 heartbreaking to see my dad's face when he walked into the house. 
In Richmond Steve went to get the State Inspection done on our car.  They found
the tie rods and ball joints had to be replaced,  there went money we had not
planned on spending.
The second day home my 87 year old Dad fell down an entire flight of stairs.  He was
pretty beat up, but luckily nothing broken or life threatening. Thank God he is a tough
old goat (my affectionate name for him) or he could have died from the fall.  The scare
took ten years off my life!
The last night at home the fancy light switch in our kitchen stopped working, which
means none of the kitchen lights will come on.  Not good when your house is on the
We had Chinese take-out from my favorite restaurant and got food poisoning.  I was
sick as a dog for the last three days of the trip and for the fifteen hour drive back to Florida.
Our wonderful trip doesn't end there...I threw my back out the night before we left
Virginia and every little bump of the ride caused agonizing pain.
I obviously didn't get projects done nor did I get to go junkin.   What a week!
On the trip home dad and I talked about the vacations we took as I was growing
up and it hit me that most of our trips had been jinxed!  We had a good laugh
about all the mishaps and I am sharing some of those with you below.
We were once caught in a tornado and a flood.
I found out I was allergic to bees when one stung me in the face.
We were robbed in our RV and they took our money and food.
Our car broke down in a very remote area and the only way dad could
get it to run was by him blowing into the fuel pump, which he had to do
 about every five miles until we reached a town about sixty miles away.
A waiter dumped the entire contents of his tray right on my head.  My hands
and head were burned and my new outfit ruined by mexican food.
I got locked in the ladies room and the owner had to take the hinges
off the door to get me out.  
In Mexico I was stung by a scorpion in my bed.
While in the Smokey Mountains my parents pulled over at a look-out point to
take pictures. They left me asleep in the car and when they turned around there
was a large bear with his front legs on the top of our MGB convertible.  I was awake
and screaming at the top of my lungs.  They actually took the time to take a picture!
There were many, many other crazy things that  happened on our trips but this post
has gotten really long.  Anyone interested in taking a trip with us?  Better make sure your
health insurance is current before we leave.
Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you at the Open House party starting Wednesday
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