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Easter Greetings, Y’all

Easter greetings, y’all!
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Thank you, bestie R, for the darling Easter tray!

With the PCP still only half well, we had a very quiet and relaxing Easter at home.  Since we had to miss mass, the baby and I spent a lazy morning making resurrection rolls for breakfast.
April 2011 329

Some bunny hid a couple of candy-free baskets around the house for the littles to find!

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We enjoyed our requisite bunny-tinis, delish appetizers and gourmet sandwiches on the porch.

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March 2013 598

March 2013 601

March 2013 596

March 2013 605

March 2013 611

The littles hunted for eggs in the basement when rain dampened our outdoor plans.  The PCP donned the traditional shadow wolf ninja Easter attire for the occasion.  (Yes, I spared him the cute Easter clothes since he barely left the sofa.)

March 2013 612

March 2013 614

March 2013 616

Sister dazzled us with yet another darling dessert!!  This time she made-over Publix’s divine key lime pie with chocolate shavings, Peep’s and paper shreds.

March 2013 627

And we all fawned over this little love pretty much all.day.long.  Can you even believe the gorgeousness here?!?! 

DSC_1059 copy 
I hope y’all had a wonderful and blessed day.  I’m hoping the PCP is able to go back to school tomorrow.  This fever thing is for the birds.

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