Kamis, 31 Maret 2016


It’s spring time in the South and y’all know what that means…baseball season is upon us!  Yes folks, on the days when I’m not at the ball field watching the PCP and his daddy practice and play, I’m at home trying to keep the littles from crashing a ball through my kitchen window or scrubbing red clay out of every article of clothing we own (your tips and tricks for this would be much appreciated.)  We’re a few games into our season and it’s shaping up to be another good one!
baseball2 copy
The PCP spends most of his time at third base, but I couldn’t resist sharing him at catcher.  Y’all know, that’s the position his daddy played for the Yellow Jackets in college!  (Is that hiney presh or what?!?)
baseball3 copy
John’s biggest hit of the night was not only a home run, but it also earned him the game ball!
March 2012 416 copy
March 2012 417 copy
March 2012 419 copy
There is nothing that makes me prouder than watching my boy try so hard at something he loves!

Honey's got the car packed up and we're hitting the road home.  Watch out Savannah...we should be there by lunch!!!

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