Jumat, 11 Maret 2016

Reader Chalkboards, Another Easter Chalkboard Download and a Peek at Our New Chairs

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday! Last week Alli sent me a couple of photos of our "And I think to myself, what a wonderful world..." poster that she had printed and framed in her daughter's room! I LOVED the frame she put it in and thought it might be fun to see some more reader's photos who have either purchased a print and displayed it in their home, or who have printed out one of our chalkboard poster downloads. So, if you have a photo you'd like to share we'd love for you to send it to us at dearlillie@hotmail.com. We will feature one or two on our blog at some point in the future and if we feature yours, we will send you your choice of one of our chalkboard prints or downloads!

I also wanted to let you know we have another Easter Chalkboard Download available in our shop now. We will also be having both this one and our other Easter Chalkboard  "Christ the Lord is risen today..." available as prints very soon!

We also have this Easter Chalkboard available:

And here's a little peek at the new chairs in our living room. I'll be back next to show you some more photos of them!

Have a wonderful evening!

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