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Before & After~The French Project

Before I show you my newest project I want to thank each and everyone
that sent their congrats on my Romantic Homes Magazine Feature
I so appreciate your friendship and your support of my blog.  Without
all of you this feature would not have happened.

Thank you!

Lately I have been working on several projects to lighten-up our
 house but I only have one completed to show you today. 

Below is a picture of the family room taken prior to painting.

The darker art work wasn't going back up so I ordered
original antique french letters from Vintage Paper Attic's 
 Etsy shop and then went on the search for frames.  Michaels  had
some very shiny gold frames I liked and I knew they could
 be painted with my  DIY Chalk Paint

White craft paint was mixed with calcium carbonate to create the
chalk paint.  The frames were painted, distressed and then glazed.
I didn't want a brown glaze on these so I used a transparent glaze
from Home Depot and added light gray craft paint to it. 

I added  two 11x14 frames inside a larger frame.  Normally
I would add something more to the wall but because of the
new wall paint I'll probably leave it as is.

If you have been reading my blog lately you already know I
have been trying to lighten-up our decor to sell our home.  We
recently had our khaki green family room walls painted
a neutral beige to appeal to more buyers.

Yesterday Steve and I went to the sneak peek of the upcoming
Homearama in our neighborhood.  Each home is being professionally
decorated and will be open to the public in late April.

I was totally floored when EACH home we went into had very dark painted
walls in almost every room.  Chocolate brown, dark blue and gold were
popular wall colors. 

 Can you guess what wall color was in every single home
we visited?

Khaki green!!

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