Minggu, 20 Maret 2016

Lake Side Supper Club

As I mentioned back when we had our Chili & Beer Tasting, we thank our lucky stars each and every day for the great group of friends we made in our "new" neck of the woods.  Each month we leave the littles at home and convene for Supper Club.  Last weekend, new friend A and her husband hosted a so-Southern lake side low country boil.

Is this not the loveliest lake house entry ever?  I swoon every time I drive up to the place and then I drool myself around the house.  Oh, and A painted the fish herself on reclaimed wood.  (more to come on her work!)
March 2012 421
 We dined on a traditional low country boil, dumped right smack on the table in the precise way these things should be done.
March 2012 424
March 2012 423
March 2012 425
 After supper the ladies retired to the porch and the boys took their mischief downstairs to the dock and game room.
March 2012 428
March 2012 427
March 2012 426
And so went another memorable night with friends.  Can't wait till next month, y'all!

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