Senin, 21 Maret 2016

Wisteria Prints On The Cheap!

Happy Spring!
It actually snowed when we went home to Virginia a couple of weeks ago.   With snow on the ground it was hard for me to get into the mood for Spring decorating.  Also, time was limited and any major decorating had to take a back seat to other things. 
One of the small changes I made was switching out some prints in the foyer for a pair of botanicals.  You may remember these framed prints from a Wisteria catalog a couple of years ago.  I always liked the prints,  but not the almost $200 each price. 

Last Summer Steve and I made a trip to Destin, Florida to see family and enjoy the beach.  I found the botanicals at the local Goodwill and we left the store with both of the framed prints for a whopping $16.00!

I added a botanical to each side of the entrance to the living room.  Now, I am on a search
for two plates with green and red to replace the blue ones there now.

I moved the market basket to the foyer and you can see Steve's office in the background.
I am very happy with my Wisteria prints on the cheap.
What bargains have you found lately?
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