Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Welcome, Baby Everly!


I am excited to introduce to you the newest member of our family - Jamie and Josh's daughter, Everly ("Evie") Penniman Druke! I will share some more photos of her soon, but thought I would at least show you a couple that I took of her at the hospital during the tiny window of time I got to see her before Lola got sick and we got stuck quarantined. =)  I was finally able to take a few more of her the other day at Jamie and Josh's house that I will share once I get them edited, but for now here are just a couple of shots from in the hospital shortly after she arrived. I love her to pieces and am so excited to have another beautiful niece!


Here she is gripping Josh's finger. 

I love seeing their matching hospital bands. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I'll be back tomorrow!

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