Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Girl Time…Coming Every Tuesday

Hey friends!


What a beautiful day outside today.  So thankful for the sunshine here in Tennessee.


flowers yes


I have been rolling something around in my mind for a while now and have been praying about what to do.  Today I want to share something fun with you all that I want to start doing on a weekly basis. 


No, it’s not a party because I don’t know that I have what it takes to host a party.


I know there are several blogs who “feature” other blogs that inspire them in some way.  That is sort of what I want to do here. 


What I want to do is to share you with my friends.


flowers 2


Let me explain a little further.


You know how fun it is to call your girlfriend, or mother, or daughter and tell them something you have just seen or heard.  Maybe you just saw something really beautiful or heard some really great news.  It may have been an AHA moment that you just experienced that you just had to tell someone about.  It could have been something that really blessed your heart or ministered to you in some way.   It might be a need that someone had that you felt led to share.  Whatever it was, you just had to share it with someone.


Well, that’s what I want to do on here.  I want to have some “Girl Time” with you all. 


I want to be able call you up and say, “hey girl, you just have to go over to Jane Doe’s blog and see what she found at the flea market.”  Or maybe I will say, “girl, you have got to go see the beautiful chair that so and so just reupholstered.”  Or I might just say, “you really should go over and see the prayer need that so and so has and you can pray along with us.”


flowers 1


My plan is to have “Girl Time” with you every Tuesday.  At that time, I will share with you several blogs that you just have to go and check out for one reason or another.  It might be for décor or it might be for their new hair cut.  It really will be just like what I would share with my girlfriends.  I will make it super easy for you to go and check them out for yourself.


So, what do you think? 


All you have to do is check out the “Girl Time” post on Tuesdays and then spend a little time maybe meeting some new people or just getting to know old friends just a little bit better. 


Of course, what interests me may not interest you at all and that is understandable.  You just never know, though, you may enjoy the same things that I enjoy and you might have fun hanging out at the same places.  Things that speak to me may also speak to you.  Let’s just see what happens.


I have to tell you real quick the other reason I named this “Girl Time”.


I call everybody girl.  I even write girl a lot of times when I leave comments.  I don’t know if it’s a southern thing or not but I do it a lot…a whole lot.  Girl, did you see that?  Girl, did you hear what she said?  Girl, you aren’t going to believe this. 


That’s it in a very big nutshell.  Simple, fun time together just being girlfriends.


Oh, and you know that you have to share with me also.  Let me know something or someone that spoke to you over the week.  Send me an email or leave me a comment.  Being friends is a two way thing you know.


tulips 1


Hey girl, these tulips are for you.  Can’t wait to see you Tuesday for our Girl Time.


(If you enjoy our time together, maybe you can let your friends know about it as well and we can all be girlfriends)

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