Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

The Kitchen Desk

Hey all!!

Yes, it’s the oak cabinets again, but this time they are decked out with a little burlap.

desk 7

This is a built in desk in my kitchen that I actually never use for working purposes.  It’s just a great storage place.

etc 5

I added a little burlap to the bottom to hide some of the school books and cookbooks that I have stored underneath.    Tension rods are wonderful for little areas like this.

etc 1

Another piece of burlap at the top hides the cds that are stored in little compartments.

Underneath the cd storage, I covered cork board with old magazine pages.  I can use this area as a little message board for appointment cards.

Did you notice the chalkboard paint on the drawer?  That is actually a strip of contact paper that I painted with chalkboard paint and stuck on there.  Remember, the whole thing here is that I am not painting the cabinets,  via my husband’s wishes.

etc 2

My little bistro chair was a Christmas gift from my sister from another mister, Becky.  Love it!

I am doing my best here to soften the look in my kitchen.  Trying hard, my friends, trying hard.  I will try to keep thinking of ideas and will let you know along the way.

***Mom update…Tomorrow, Wednesday, is  my mom’s last treatment!!!!!!!! (pretend like there are a million exclamation points there)  We are beyond thrilled.  Will let you know what happens from here.  Thanks for caring…truly…thank you!

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