Minggu, 06 Maret 2016

Maximising Space In a Swedish Apartment

I often feature Swedish interiors on my blog, I love the sleek, contemporary, uncluttered look of their rooms, the way they maximise use of small spaces is amazing. When I discovered this lovely apartment in Sweden I instantly fell in love, it is homely and uncluttered, with a gentle mix of styles that work wonderfully together. I think my favourite area is the kitchen/dining, I like the introduction of pattern by way of the upholstery on the chairs. Often pattern is something we don't see so much of in Scandinavian interiors but this one has surprising little moments such as the blue star bedspread.

One thing that fascinates me about apartments such as these, is although they may be small compared to New Zealand/Australian standards (I believe we have larger houses than most)...eek! no offence, but this is something I have read. Certainly our average home is larger than the British average home and far larger than most Scandinavian homes (excluding Denmark)... Back on track, these smaller Swedish apartments appear to utilise space to their maximum, visually appearing to have more space than they really do. They have simple storage and smaller bathrooms, yet there is absolutely no clutter to be seen, everything has its place and they are still able to define living areas. You may be very surprised when I tell you this apartment is only 90 square metres with just 3 rooms.  Sometimes I think the more space we have, the more we feel we have to fill it and this is what attracts me to an interior such as this.

We hope you've enjoyed this lovely apartment, images sources are from Fantastic Frank. It has made me decide to start a little "de-cluttering" in my own home this weekend.

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