Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

The Difficult Dormer

Hey Friends!

Is the sun shining where you are?  It is here in Tennessee, but it’s still cold.  We just picked up lots of baby chicks to add to the chickens we already have and had to get the heat lamps out to keep them toasty warm.

I have a spot in my home that is super hard to decorate because it’s super hard to get to.  I have to bring the ladder in for this spot so it doesn’t get changed up very often.

I decided last weekend, however,  that this little dormer needed more of a farmhouse look so I brought in the ladder and got busy.

dormer 2

Night time job meant night time photos because I wasn’t dragging that ladder back in the next day.

dormer 3

I hung a sweet little flirty ruffled curtain in the window to soften it up but still wanted the sunlight to be able to stream in, so I made sure to leave it open.

dormer 4

dormer 5

Love the neutrals.  Love the wood.  Love the white.  Love all the textures.

dormer 3

(If you happen to like that tall bushel basket in the back, I actually have two more in my etsy shop.)

What you see here, will be staying for awhile now cause I don’t want to be back up on that ladder again anytime soon.   

Do you have inconvenient spots like this spot that are just hard to get to and do anything with? 

Ok, time to get up and get busy on other things now.  I do hope you are all having a wonderful day and that your upcoming week is fabulous!

Blessings, my friends.

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