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Meet Edith, a Belgian interior designer


Today I would love to introduce you to the Belgian designer and decorator EDITH GYBELS.

Graduated as fashion designer, Edith realized very soon that she was passionated about fabrics and that she had even a natural talent for creating beautiful interiors.

So a few years ago she started her own business and workshop.

Edith has always loved to visit London, where she was introduced to all the famous fabric collections and where she was inspired by all the interior design shows. She was eager to learn more about how window treatment should be finished. According to Edith the British people are masters in finishing curtains. Their finishings are just perfection.

Edith also offers her clients decorative accessories and antique furniture, but the emphasis remains on designing and window treatment and everything related to what could be created with fabrics. Edith even designs her own custom-made collection of seating furniture.

I came across the work of Edith by reading a few articles in Belgian interior magazines. And I loved what I saw!

I contacted Edith asking her if she would agree if I wrote a blogpost about her work, and she accepted.

The images on this post are of a Belgian house of which the owners asked Edith to give their home a new look.

For the redo of this house Edith worked together with local craftsmen as a team of painters, upholsterers and cabinetmakers.


All pictures posted with permission of Edith Gybels.

Photo credit : Bieke Claessens

2 In the living room all seats are reupholstered. A Pierre Frey fabric for the bergères and a fabric from Métaphores for the sofas. A wool rug is placed on the authentic parquet floor.


3 I really love this seating area, with the perfect match of colors. Gorgeous!!


14 The draperies are an example of perfection.


16 Again the perfect combination of upholstery, cabinetry and wall paint.


15 Edith works with precision and she finishes all window treatment by hand.


13 The blue Delftware displayed in the kitchen was the starting point choosing the appropriate fabrics. All fabrics in tones of blue: a checkered pattern for table chairs and seats and a chicken patterned curtain fabric.


23 For the outdoor furniture of the terrace, adjoining the kitchen, Edith has covered the cushions with a light blue fabric.


12 In this bedroom are used Pierre Frey fabrics and a wallpaper of the Ralph Lauren collection.

The gothic styled bed headboards are designed by Edith.




10 Dressing room.



8 Bathroom.


7 An accessory made of the same fabric as the one used for the reverse side of the curtains. It’s all in the detail !


5Edith personalized the window treatment by adding these pearls. The finishing touch!


6 I am convinced Edith succeeded in her mission to create a new look for this house. Are you?


For more information about Edith’s work, please visit her website HERE.

17 Edith

Edith Gybels Interieurontwerp


Website of Edith Gybels : CREATION CARROLL


Wishing you a great new week!



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