Rabu, 02 Maret 2016

Treats for our Peeps {Free Printable}

I'm feeling quite springy today, and while I’m getting my holidays out of order (forgive me, St. Pat) I’m seeing Easter everywhere!  And in seeing Easter everywhere, I have none other than PEEPS on my mind!
April 2011 341
April 2011 335
Last year the littles delivered these sweet treats to their favorite peeps during Easter week.  The image measures approximately 7" x 2" and the entire unfolded piece measures 7" x 4".  This will perfectly top a zip top snack sized bag.  Just download the free printable below and add Peeps to your grocery list!
Peeps Topper

On a different note, yesterday ushered in the commencement of my birth month festivities (yes, we celebrate for a whole month around these parts...no matter how old or young you may be!)  The celebrations kicked off with an evening of live music, loads of gossip, wine and divine eats.  I've not known a single gal in this pic (that's sadly missing A) for longer than three years but they are already some of the best friends a girl could ever dream of having.  It was one of those nights when I just wanted to pinch myself for feeling so complete, so loved and so very blessed.
March 2012 005

Have a great day, peeps!

A Dixie Delights Easter:

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